A special resin based additive which speeds the curing process of Epifanes one-part paints and varnishes. This will not affect the quality of the

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Classic Mahogany Stain 500ml

Epifanes Classic Mahogany stain is a high quality mahogany stain providing an in-depth warm mahogany colour on wood.It bonds well to bare wood and exi

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Nonskid Beads

Nonskid beads are for use in Epifanes mono-urethane and Epifanes poly-urethane paints.In order to obtain a non-skid surface on decks, add Epifanes Non

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Easy Flow

A multi-purpose additive or stand alone coating based on a selection of natural oils. Suitable for use in one-component conventional and half-syntheti

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Black Bottom

Epifanes Black Bottom is a flexible black underwater coating for the (underwater) protection of steel and wood. Also suited for repair and/or maintena

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Rust Remover

Epifanes Rust Remover is a rust transformer based on water repellent polymers is non toxic and non flammable. It stops corrosion, transforms rusted st

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Epifanes Aluminum HR, heat resistant up to 1000 ° C.Protective and embellishing aluminum paint for steel and (cast) iron objects and / or objects tha

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Premier Concave Superfine Foam Refill Ideal for gloss, primer, varnish & all oil & solvent based paint. The Concave end makes i

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Tack Cloths

Removes any dust particles left on wood or metal prior to painting.These are the same cloths used for production cleans in car plants and are also hea

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