Yacht Enamel

Description:High gloss one component enamel based on a non-yellowing siliconized alkyd resin.Eminent outdoor durability, weather and water resistant,

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Nonskid Deckcoating

One-component semi gloss nonskid deck paint. Provides good grip on all primed and topcoated substrates without creating too sharp a surface.Ex

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Bilge Paint

Epifanes Bilge Paint is a bilge protection paint based on modified alkyd resin for use in bilge spaces, engine rooms, etc. where a tough paint syst

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A one component semi gloss topcoat based on a special combination of medium oil alkyd/urethane resin reinforced with acrylic copolymer. Provides rapid

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A hard one-component, air-drying, high gloss finish paint based on urethane-alkyd resins. Provides superior covering and filling, long lasting weather

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Poly-urethane yacht coating

Epifanes Poly-urethane Yacht Coating (2-comp.)A high gloss, two-component, polyester saturated, aliphatic urethane coating. Scratch resistant, excel

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Epifanes Nautiforte is superior one-component yacht paint for interior and exterior use on wood, steel, fibreglass and aluminium above the waterline i

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Epifanes Gold Paint

Epifanes Gold Special is suitable for embellishment of stone, steel, wood and iron objects.Can be applied directly on well cleaned, degreased surfaces

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