Multi Marine Primer

A one-part multipurpose primer combining all the characteristics of seperate substrate primers, tie-coats or sanding and adhesion prime

From £21.99

Fibreglass Primer

Epifanes Fibreglass primer is a one-component adhesion primer with excellent filling and covering properties. For interior and exterior use on bare fi

From £20.50

Wood Primer

One-component air drying primer for wood, based on alkyd resin. Undercoat for bare wood surfaces in one-component paint systems above the waterli

From £19.50

Metal Primer

A one-component lead-free anti corrosive primer for use on bare steel in a one-component paint system above the waterline. Suitable for inte

From £19.99


A quick drying one-component undercoat with excellent adhesion, filling and covering properties.  For use above the waterline on on

From £19.99

Epoxy Primer

A two-component anti-corrosion primer based on epoxy resin, and zinc phosphate.Corrosion resistant, good filling and easy to sand.Application:Fil

From £29.99

Interimcoat 750ml

A two component primer / intermediate coat on the basis of epoxy and vinyl resin.Good adhesion properties and impact resistance. Universally paintable

From £36.99

Poly-urethane Primer

A hard two part semi gloss poly-urethane undercoat. Provides an extremely smooth pinhole free surface prior to topcoating with Epifanes high gloss pol

From £27.99

Underwater Primer

Epifanes Underwater Primer is a bituminous underwater coating reinforced with aluminium providing a tough impermeable film . For the underwater protec

From £28.99

Red Lead Primer

Werdol Red Lead Primer is a traditional anti-corrosive primer based on a linseed oil and modified alkyd-resin combination with lead oxide as a rust in

From £44.99

Wash Primer AQ

Epifanes Washprimer A.Q: a waterborne, acrylic resin based primer. Recommended as an adhesion primer for anodized or unanodized aluminium, galvan

From £29.99

Multi-Cover Primer

Very good corrosion protection. Universal 2 component epoxy primer (all-in-one) as premier coat on steel, as filling epoxy sealer and as repair p

From £20.99