Brush Thinners

A high quality thinner for brushing or rolling most single-component primers, paints and varnishes. The double

From £13.99

Poly-urethane Brush Thinner

Polyurethane Brush Thinner is added at a ratio of 5 - 10% by volume to extend the wet-edge and flow time as temperature or wind conditions dictat

From £17.99

Poly-urethane Spray Thinner

Quick drying thinner for spray applications of Epifanes polyurethane paints & varnishes. This thinner for Spray helps the surface flash faste

From £16.99

PP Varnish Thinner

A fast evaporating thinner for Epifanes PP Varnish Extra. Also suited for degreasing teak wood.Paint and varnish is thinned to allow deeper penet

From £27.99

Epoxy Thinner D601

Thinner for Epifanes epoxy products, including Epifanes Epoxy Primer, Epifanes Epoxy HB Coat and Epifanes Interim Coat.Application: Also sui

From £16.50

Spray Thinner / Surface Cleaner

A fast evaporating solvent for spray applications with all Epifanes one-part primers, paints and varnishes. Also highly suited for degreasin

From £18.99

D-100 Thinner

Thinner for Epifanes antifouling paints  and Epifanes Underwater primer.1000ml

From £23.99

Polyurethane Slow Reducer

A slow evaporating thinner for brushing and rolling Epifanes Poly-urethane Yacht coatings.

From £15.99