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Epifanes Classic Mahogany Stain

Epifanes Classic Mahogany Stain is a quick drying, impregnating stain formulated specifically for bare mahogany and other marine woods. This stain provides a warm, rich red/brown mahogany colour. Depending on desired degree of intensity, a maximum of 3 coats may be applied on bare wood. Recoatable with all Epifanes onecomponent and two-component varnishes.

Wood: for interior and exterior use on new and existing (mahogany) woodwork above the waterline. It is possible to mix Epifanes Mahogany Stain (10% maximum) with Epifanes one and two-part varnish creating a lightly tinted finish for camouflaging colour differences in an existing system. Shake well prior to use.













Prep Cleaner

  Easy- Flow

for Paint & Varnish

  Package Size: 500 ml
  Coverage: 500 ml is sufficient for 45-75 sq. ft./4-7 m² depending on surface
  Thinner: Do not thin
  Recoatability: After 2 hours at 18°C.
  Colour: Mahogany